Renting Christmas decor 
 is better, here's why 

start a new tradition

Save Space

No more cramped boxes in the garage or driving to your storage unit for those out-of-date ornaments. Our stylish decor comes ready-to-decorate right to your doorstep. And when the holidays are over, we’ll send someone to pick everything up.

get on santa's Nice list

Save Money

We've travelled the world in search for long-lasting and high quality ornaments that we know you'll love! Unique Christmas decorations are difficult to find, and expensive to purchase, so why buy when you can rent them for a portion of the cost?

don't sweat it, rent it

Create Custom Designs

Create picturesque designs using our stylish decor. Mix and match ornaments, ribbons, fillers, and add unique accents to complete the look. Renting has never been so easy or fun!

save the world

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Welcome to the future, where sharing is the way of life. A sharing economy reduces waste, encourages a sense of community, and promotes economic development. So get yourself on the ‘Nice’ list and start renting decor today!

The Future
of Christmas

Start a new Christmas tradition by renting tree decor and reducing world waste. Rent one of our professionally designed sets or create a design from scratch. The choice is yours!

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It's still Christmas

only better.

No need to worry about storing decor year-long, and next Christmas choose a new look for your tree!

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